About GAPS Investment Properties

Investment Property Background

“My commitment to you is to help you, keep you informed and up to date every step of the way. Our clients are our business and, through our many successful transactions, we enjoy an excellent reputation because of our very hands on customer service. Without you….. we have no business” Greg Aspeling. Owner.

Prior to starting his career in pharmacy business sales in 2010, Greg’s interest in property investment was piqued back in 2000 when he heard you could actually utilise your tax dollars to “negative gear” an investment property. Wanting to know more, he began attending investment property seminars. He loved the concept, so, through an associated company, studied for and attained his PS146 Training Course 1 (now RG146) certificate, the entry requirement to provide financial advice on financial products. This was not a requirement at the time, but he thought it a good idea anyway.

He went on to sell many investment properties with the extreme satisfaction of knowing his clients have experienced not only great capital growth over that time, but also utilised their tax dollars effectively.

He believes investment property is an essential part of an investment portfolio. The Gold Coast has come out of the shadows since the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The growth in South East Queensland, to put it simply, is unbelievable. On 14 Feb 2021 our Premier turned the first sod on another project and announced that 7,000 new residents arrived in Queensland in the December 2020 quarter.

According to reports property prices are climbing and will continue to climb in the coming years. All you have to do is search “South East Queensland property prices”. As they say, get in early!