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The Property Investment in the Queensland market is hot

Are you considering Property Investment in Queensland?

While property prices in Queensland have not increased at the rate of its southern neighbour cities, it certainly is playing catch up. A recent ABC news article stated that open homes in Brisbane are now similar to those in other states: multiple lookers and with “Dutch auctions” happening: this is where prices are being organically pushed up by eager buyers making offers above the market price in an attempt to outbid one another.

But it always pays to look ahead. …… sometimes years ahead. What I mean is, look at opportunities further afield, not in the guts of things where prices are increasing exponentially. You can probably cast your mind back, say ten years, to areas where development had just begun. And look at it now! Shopping centres, schools, medical centres and the list goes on.

Let’s face it, stock it tight. So why not look further afield? A lot of the time, that’s where the growth lies, not where the metro is maxing out. Not only are you looking at long term growth, but you’re looking at a better return for your money. I’m talking about the rental return. And it just flows on from there. With urban sprawl, people are moving further out looking for affordable rent. And that’s the key word…..”affordable”. Such investments tick lots of boxes: smaller outlay means smaller loans ($500,000 to $600,000) and affordable rents. For first time investors, it’s a leg up into your next one.

I love showing people how to get into this. Few know how to work the system. It’s not actually “working the system”. The government has incentives to help you create wealth rather than rely on “the system”. And it also creates employment. A win win for everyone!

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