Who We Are

Investment Property Background

Prior to joining Fred Raven’s Pharmacy Sales in 2010, Greg’s interest in real estate property investment was piqued back in 2000 when he heard you could actually utilise your tax dollars to “negative gear” an investment property. Wanting to know more, he began attending investment property seminars. He loved the concept, so, through an associated company, studied for and attained his PS146 Training Course 1 (now RG146) certificate, the entry requirement to provide financial advice on financial products. This was not a requirement at the time, but he thought it a good idea anyway.

He went on to sell many investment properties with the extreme satisfaction of knowing his clients have experienced not only great capital growth over time, but also utilised their tax dollars effectively.

He believes investment property is an essential part of an investment portfolio. The Gold Coast has come out of the shadows since the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Future growth now appears to be exponential. We believe The Star Residences will be part of that growth with its $2 billion development on Broadbeach Island. Contact us for more information.